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What we offer

Routine chiropody foot management

Which includes general nail care. Management of ingrown toe nails, Thickened nails. Fungal nails callus/hard skin/ cracked skin corns.

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Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes damages the nerves causing neuropathy, altering sensation & circulation to the extremities. This is caused by the high blood glucose levels. In time your legs and feet may lose feeling, become numb,feelings of burning, heat or even cold. It is Key to have regular examinations to monitor such changes.

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Nail Surgery

Nail surgery is a long term management of ingrown toe nails (Onycryptosis) removing a part of the nail, the bit digging in. Or a full nail removal, a nail causing pain constantly or unmanaged fungal nail (Onymycosis)

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Verrucae Treatment

Verrucae’s are unsightly and easily transmissible. Verrutop is a Nitric acid complex system treatment, this treatment is normally painless, and reduces oxygen exchange to the lesion. As above. This treatment is suitable for children aged 6 plus.

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Biomechanics/MSK/Injuries/Foot problems

This can range from repetitive trauma, plantar fasciitis, posture and gait issues, Morton’s neuroma, joint changes and much more. With rehabilitation and or insoles/orthotics

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Insoles & Orthotics

These are ideal for assisting with posture and gait changes, diabetics, even arthritic conditions, providing support and aiding foot function.

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Offering time to relax & reflect. Enhancing self & wellbeing, using relaxing soothing oils in a calming environment. Aiding with anxiety and stress in our busy life styles, current patient’s have advised this is helping with pain management.

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Medical Podicure

The Medical podicure transforms tired & dry feet effectively by rehydrating the nails after cutting & shaping the nails, any hard skin or corns is surgically reduced & corns removed. The treatment will include a massage of the lower limb from the knees down enhancing a relaxing experience boosting circulation including lymphatic drainage. This treatment includes the use of lotions, creams, massage oils of choice to revitalise both legs & feet.

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Gait Analysis with podosmart

With the PodoSmart gait analysis service , the smart insoles are placed in the shoes. This provides electronic data of how you walk or run by measuring your walking profile and then this is analysed by the podiatrist and a treatment plan will be tailored to you.

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